Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Springs In

Well, I think it's safe to say that Spring has sprung. Over the last week, we've had a few days where temps made it up into the 60s, and that's a good sign. Even though it was cold today, things are warming up.

Saturday was beautiful. The Weather Service had predicted a 100% chance of rain, but it never materialized. The sun was out in force, and so were the tourists on the Mall.

I organized a trip down to the Cherry Blossom Festival for the UM Student Planning Association, and was rewarded for the effort by the gorgeous foliage. The crowds were terrible around the Tidal Basin, but after venturing down toward Hains Point the throngs disappeared. The fireworks were not as impressive as I expected, but I enjoyed the day. I might go back if I have time during the week. It's hard to take pictures when there are (literally) hundreds of people in your frame.

Anyway, it is clear that Washington's Cherry Trees, are truly a national landmark.

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