Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Metro Service: 6/23

Due to yesterday's fatal Metro collision, service on the Red Line will be disrupted during the AM peak, if not longer. Additionally, there will be NO BRUNSWICK LINE service on the MARC commuter rail. 

The Red Line will operate in two separate segments: from Glenmont to Silver Spring and from Shady Grove to Rhode Island Avenue. Free shuttle buses will connect Rhode Island Avenue, Brookland, Fort Totten, Takoma, and Silver Spring Stations. Trains on the Red Line will be operating 8-10 minutes apart, quite a bit less than the normal 2-3. Passengers can expect overcrowded conditions. 

Passengers should try to keep to alternate routes if possible. Shuttles will likely be overcrowded, so patrons should try the normal bus routes. 

Alternatives include:
  • 70s Line, Georgia Avenue/7th Street: Archives to Silver Spring
  • S Line, 16th Street: Downtown to Silver Spring
  • C4: Twinbrook to Wheaton to Prince George's Plaza
  • C2: Twinbrook to Wheaton to College Park
  • J1: Medical Center to Silver Spring
  • J2, J3, J4: Bethesda to Silver Spring (J4 to College Park)
  • Q2: Rockville to Wheaton to Silver Spring

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