Saturday, October 6, 2007

This Bud's for You

I enjoyed today's Georgia Tech-Maryland game, but unfortunately Tech lost. I suppose the only game I care about more is the Georgia Tech-Georgia game at Thanksgiving, so hopefully my Yellow Jackets won't disappoint.

Anyway, the Jackets-Terps matchup was the first away game that I've ever attended for Tech and it's definitely a different experience. Even though almost all of the fans in white and gold were crammed into one section at the very end of the stadium, we still made a huge racket. I was also impressed with the band, even though they only had a few members, they kept the crowd entertained.

I felt really heartwarmed during the 3rd quarter when the Budweiser Song played (an example of this Tech tradition is shown below). Even though I was sitting in the golden island of Tech fans in a sea of red, when the band started playing, I saw five Techies across the field bobbing up and down in time to the music. It is so awesome how we adhere to our traditions. I wonder what the Maryland fans sitting around them thought...

Anyway, I still have faith in Ma Tech, 'Scion of the Southland'.

Go Jackets.

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