Monday, December 10, 2007

Mind the Gap

This, as you've probably guessed it, is the slow blog season. At the moment, I'm swamped with papers and studying for finals. In a few days, I'll be at home, away from my handy-dandy keyboard. So in order to put something on my blog, I thought I'd try something easy: taking stock.

Those who know me know that it is my goal to ride every rail-based transit system in the United States. I'm nowhere close to achieving that goal, but I thought I'd just see how far I'd gotten.

For the purposes of my count, if one transit provider operates more than one mode, each mode is counted separately, as is the case with SEPTA. I have listed only the year in which I first rode a system. I do not count self-contained transit systems like airport people movers or amusement park rides.

1993 (estimated)
Atlanta: MARTA-heavy rail

Washington: MARC-commuter rail
Washington: WMATA-heavy rail


Pittsburgh: PAT-light rail "T"
Boston: MBTA heavy rail (Blue, Orange, Red)
Boston: MBTA light rail (Green)

Rome, Italy: Rome Metro-heavy rail

Fort Worth: Trinity Railway Express-commuter rail
Dallas: DART-light rail
Dallas: McKinney Avenue Streetcar-heritage streetcar
Berlin, Germany: U-bahn-heavy rail
Berlin, Germany: S-bahn-heavy rail
Dresden, Germany: Stadtbahn-light rail
Vienna, Austria: U-bahn-heavy rail
Vienna, Austria: U-bahn (U6)-light rail
Munich, Germany: U-bahn-heavy rail
Munich, Germany: S-bahn-regional rail
Nuremberg, Germany: U-bahn-heavy rail
Stuttgart, Germany: S-bahn-regional rail
Stuttgart, Germany: Stadtbahn-light rail


Portland: Tri-Met-light rail
Portland: Portland Streetcar-modern streetcar
San Francisco: BART-heavy rail
San Francisco: Muni-light rail
San Francisco: Muni-cable car (heritage streetcar)
San Francisco: Muni F Line-heritage streetcar

Chicago: CTA "L"-heavy rail
Chicago: METRA-commuter rail
Baltimore: MTA Metro-heavy rail
Baltimore: MTA Light Rail-light rail
Philadelphia: SEPTA Regional Rail-regional rail
Philadelphia: SEPTA Broad Street Subway-heavy rail
Philadelphia: SEPTA Subway-Surface Lines-light rail
Philadelphia: SEPTA Market Street El-heavy rail
Camden: PATCO Speedline-heavy rail
Miami: MDT Metrorail-heavy rail
Miami: MDT Metromover-peoplemover
Miami: SFRTA Tri*rail-regional rail

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Michael said...

You beat my list by a mile. I also have this goal!