Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Well, it's finally happened. I've survived my first day of the DC snow season. It seems a bit early for snow, but we all woke up to a dusting this morning, with the snow coming down pretty hard. OK--so I've been told that it wasn't really that hard, but I'm from Georgia, so give me a break. Anyway, by the time I got home around 7:45 this evening, you could only find the sidewalk by following people's footsteps.

Anyway, I loved the snow experience! I took the Metro to work today, and decided to walk (about a mile and a half) to maximize the snow exposure. It just felt so northern to be standing on a train platform while my hair collected snow flakes. The snow really lifted my spirits. I really got a laugh out of seeing Jim Henson and Kermit covered in snow at the Jim Henson Memorial on the UM Campus.

It was a great day for snow too. My Social Planning class had a field trip today in Marshall Heights (Anacostia area), so I even got an excuse to go see more of Washington under its white blanket. Bill O'Reilly will be happy to note that the snow falls the same way in poor, minority neighborhoods.

The snow didn't seem to affect Washington much. Life just went on like normal, but then I don't drive. Loudon County reported 16 times as many traffic accidents today as it did on Tuesday. Anyway, the Metro did impose speed restrictions due to the slippery conditions and reduced visibility.

It looks like my neighborhood accumulated about 1.5 inches. It'll probably be gone within a day or two. I'm still hoping I'll get to see a real snow this year. I just hope I don't miss it while I'm in Atlanta for Winter Break.

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Be careful what you wish for...