Sunday, August 17, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Dear readers, I have been experiencing a few technical glitches with Blogger over the last couple of days. For some reason, by streetcar map is not displaying correctly on my most recent post, "Along Came a Streetcar".

Hopefully, this map will look better. If not, I'll make some revisions to make it more readable.

Thank you for your patience.


fourthandeye said...

Any reason why Anacostia was excluded. Just from a political standpoint I can't imagine Ward 8 would stand for 9 lines being created above the river and none below.

Matt' said...

Yes, I did have reasons for excluding Anacostia from the streetcar network.

Anacostia has long been the forgotten side of DC, and the residents there are rightfully sensitive about it. I think it's shameful that we can't seem to solve the poverty and urban decay found in the shadow of the Capitol Dome.

Remember, for the purposes of this blog, I assume that all the elements of my transit plan will be constructed. In that case, I have upgraded the District's plan for a short streetcar line in Anacostia to a full-scale light rail line connecting to National Harbor (and the Pink Line) on the South side, and to Columbia, Maryland on the North side. This line runs parallel to the Anacostia River, and serves the denser parts of Southeast.

The rest of Anacostia is not terribly dense. It also lacks good facilities for streetcars. The roads are very much car-oriented and so is a lot of the commercial development.

A few potential corridors do seem to come to mind:
1. East Capitol Street
2. Pennsylvania Avenue
3. Southern Avenue

Can anyone think of other corridors in Southeast?