Tuesday, December 2, 2008

News Notables: 12/2/08

I hope everyone's holiday was safe and happy. It was a quiet week here at Track Twenty-Nine, but I'm working to keep the posts flowing. In the meantime, here are some news items you might be interested in checking out:

Gas Prices Fall, Transit Riders Increase: This is indeed good news from the Washington Post. Here in the DC area, Metro ridership has increased 5% over last October, while MARC and VRE have seen 7.5% and 12% increases over the same period, respectively. And the increases are not confined to Washington alone. Dallas, Texas and Orange County, California are among areas seeing increases in ridership.

Washington Prepares for Inauguration Strains: The New York Times reports on the struggle here in the District to prepare for the major crowds expected for President Obama's inauguration. The $15 million allocated by the Federal Government for all federal activities in 2009 won't even begin to cover the inauguration. They also report that 18 trains on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor are booked into Washington for the inauguration.

Freakonomics Looks at the Gas Tax: Check out this engaging post on the New York Times Blog. It explores a lot of the issues surrounding the gas tax and why we might need to consider raising it.

The Crumbling Past: Look through the lens at the decaying remains of Central Michigan Station. This wonderful photo essay explores a place where time seems to have stopped--some post-apocalyptic world where America's great train stations have been forgotten. Too bad it's true. At least Detroit still has the building. Atlanta, for instance, lost both the Terminus and Central Station. 

Jackets Destroy Bulldogs 45-42: While this isn't exactly a transit-related headline, it's worth noting. This Thanksgiving weekend upset between the hedges at Athens put Georgia Tech on top. And despite being the highest-ranked ACC team (in the BCS) at #15, we won't be going to the championship. Still, I wouldn't trade that for a victory over Georgia. How 'bout them dawgs, eh?

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