Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In the News: 10/27

Stories in the news of late:
  • It's a small world after all: Researchers working for the European Commission's Joint Research Centre and the World Bank show that few places are more than 48 hours from a city with population greater than 50,000. They created several fabulous maps showing our transport networks. Story: NewScientist.
  • CTA looks at having an iStop: Badly in need of money, the Chicago Transit Authority is the latest of several agencies looking to cash in on naming rights. Will North/Clybourn station be renamed after Apple? That's not clear yet, but CTA is in talks with technology giant Apple about the possibility. Story: Chicago Tribune.
  • New looks for GoogleMaps: Google recently made some major changes to the way symbols are shown on their online mapping projects. Lines definitely look crisper. Story: Google LatLong.
  • Maryland transit authority to randomly check passengers: Maryland's MTA, operator of the Washington-Baltimore commuter rail system and local transit in Baltimore is starting a program of random passenger checks. They advise that passengers should get to commuter platforms early, just in case. A similar proposal in Washington last year raised the ire of riders and has yet to be implemented. Story: Baltimore Sun.
  • Strike threatens Philadelphia transit, World Series: Transit workers in the city of brotherly love are fed up with negotiations which have gone on for 10 months. Their contract expired in March. Story: AP.
  • Jackets reach #11, lead ACC: Sorry, can't help but put this one in. My Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets have reached 11th place in the BCS. Story: ESPN. Can we make it to the title game? Perhaps unlikely, but possible, according to the AJC.

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