Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Station Names

Across the pond, the Telegraph is reporting on a Twitter 'craze': finding people named after tube stations. Apparently the craze started on a London Underground blog, and spread from there.

And while, personally, I'm glad my parents didn't name me somthing like, "Inman Park/Reynoldstown Johnson", I wonder if we might find some other station names out there.

A brief search of Facebook reveals a few Metro-themed names:
  • Glen Monte
  • Brooke Land
  • Cleveland Park
  • Beth Esda
  • Claren Don (Perhaps a few Clare Dons have middle initials 'N')
  • Ross Lynn
  • Dean Wood (2 live in the DC area)
  • Anna Costia (1 in the DC area)
  • Shaw Hu

One wonders if there are other transit-themed names floating around out there. Perhaps a Forrest Glenn or a Hunter Ington take the train to work every day.

Looking back at my Atlanta roots, I noted that Facebook also reveals a Leonard Ox (goes by Lenn, perhaps?) and a few Brooke Havens. I'm sure there are some Ed G. Woods and Candler P. Arks out there. Wes T. Ende and Wes T. Lake seem like plausable names, quite appropriate for a system named 'MARTA'.

Do you know of anyone with a transit name?

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