Thursday, January 14, 2010

Metro's Blogger Roundtable a Success

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a blogger roundtable with the General Manager of Metro, John Catoe. Mr. Catoe's conference room was filled with the transit bloggers of the region, and the discussion we had with the GM was candid and frank.

The meeting covered all the hotbutton issues, from the budget crisis to the aftermath of the June 22 Accident. Some of the bloggers were very upfront about their experience with what they see as rapidly deteriorating service, and Mr. Catoe understands their frustrations. Riders, he says, approach him frequently with complaints as he rides the system.

But his vision is one of a bright future for Metro. He knows it will be a hard road ahead for the transit agency. But that is not a deterrent for him. He is working to bring the agency back to where it should be.

You can read more of my reflections in a post I coauthored at Greater Greater Washington with fellow GGWer Michael Perkins.

Also make sure to check out We Love DC's article on the meeting; their writeup is superb.

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kenf said...

Hey, he talks to you guys and then he quits. Is there a connection?