Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Wrap: The Curtain Falls

Wednesday Weekly Wrap-Up is a feature looking back on transportation and planning news and opinions from the last week or so.

No links today, not in Wednesday Wrap anyway. I've decided to discontinue this feature in light of a few things:
  1. You voted, and this is one of the two least popular features on Track Twenty-Nine.
  2. I've started a Twitter feed (available on the main T29 page) where I tweet news as I find it.
  3. There are plenty of other sites out there providing daily links.

Thanks for reading!


Dustin said...

Really? You're cutting it? I liked the Wednesday Wrap. It was helpful to catch any major transit stories I might have missed.

And I like the Monday Shot, even if no one selected that as their favorite, either. After all, we could choose only one; if we'd been able to select more than one, I'd probably have selected all of them!

Matt' said...

Well, I'm glad you appreciated the effort. I'm still doing news stories, just through twitter. Even if you don't tweet, you can periodically visit T29 or my Twitter page to see the transit stories I've tweeted.

Monday shot is a bit easier to put together than Wednesday Wrap, if for no other reason than I can do it a month in advance.

I'm glad you like all my features, though.

Thanks for reading!