Monday, April 26, 2010

You Don't Auto-Complete Me

A few minutes ago, I went to Google Maps to find the location of the Chevy Chase Library relative to the Capital Crescent Trail.

With the address in hand, I began typing. It's located at 8005 Connecticut Avenue. On the map below, that's at the intersection of Connecticut and Dunlop.

When I started typing, Google tried to be helpful. "Bulgaria, is that where you're looking? No? Italy? Japan, maybe?"

I mean, my map is already hovering over the area where the library is! I just wanted an exactish location. None of the top 10 suggestions are even in the Western Hemisphere!

Come on Google, you can do better than that, can't you? Ever consider that someone might be typing an address into a maps application?


IMGoph said...

i hate, hate, HATE, when a program decides it knows what's best for me, or thinks it can read my mind. why the hell are they doing this?

Rob Pitingolo said...

I find it amusing that you have 300 unread emails, but only 29 unread items in your feed reader. That is all.