Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ride Like the Wind

Okay, so maybe I didn't ride like the wind today, but I was going pretty fast down Connecticut past the Zoo this afternoon. My class was cancelled today, so I was free for a day or so and I decided to put phase 2 of my 50 States Ride into effect. Anyway, not alot to say that the pics below can't so I'll keep it brief.

Today's ride was more eventful than Monday's though. (It was longer too, almost 39 miles). Just after I got off of Arizona Ave NW, I am biking up that goddamn mountain near American University and this college-aged teenager comes walking down the street sobbing vocally. I'm pretty sure I heard the words "please God" and "library" interspersed in there several times. He even had blood on his shirt, like from a nosebleed. Wierd!

I also saw the same guy twice in different parts of the city. I'm biking west on Aspen Street, near Georgia Ave and this Toyota hybrid car drives by me eastbound, so I got a good look at the driver; older man gray hair, balding, and a mustache. I only noticed because I was thinking 'I'm glad that car is going the other way, because there is NO way I could hear it behind me.' So anyway, like two hours later (maybe more) I'm going northbound on Idaho Ave, and this Toyota hybrid passes me (didn't hear it either). Anyway, it turns onto Newark Street NW in front of me, and I do the same. And as I pull up next to it at the Wisconsin Ave light, I look over and IT'S THE SAME GUY. We're like across town here! What's he doing over here? Did he like follow me with his silent car or something? WIERD!

Anyway, I'll let you get on with your perusing. Three left: Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas!

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Jenny said...

You could just skip Alabama and no one would blame you. ;)