Saturday, September 22, 2007

This is the Mission. This is the...Metro?

I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised. This is Washington, after all. I came across an advertisement at the Pentagon Metro Station today (IMAGE: TOP LEFT). I can't help but notice the contrast between advertising on MARTA in Atlanta and here on the Metro. In Atlanta, the advertisements offered me an online degree or a cheap used car; here they try and sell jet aircraft to the military. The irony was not lost on me last weekend when Catherine and I went down to the war protest. We found ourselves carrying anti-war (note: anti-war, not anti-Iraq war) signs onto a metro car which had been entirely sponsored by Boeing. Apparently there are a lot of Pentagon high-ups on the Green Line who might be influenced by transit advertisements. If policy decisions were only that simple, eh? At least the Boeing car is more interesting than the car which has been totally been rented by a deoderant brand I've never heard of.

Anyway, the reason I was even down at the Pentagon is because my parade got rained on. Ok, so it wasn't a parade; but I was going to go riding again. I've been wanting to get up to Great Falls (where the Potomac crosses the Fall Line) since I moved to DC, but I haven't quite made it yet. Anyway, I had today reserved for that, but I only made it about 2 miles out of Georgetown before the rain set in. I decided that I didn't want to be soaked and still have 15 miles to go, so I turned around. I still got a little wet getting back to the Foggy Bottom Metro stop, but I beat most of the rain. I guess elevated freeways are good for something after all; the Whitehurst was a giant umbrella for me today.

Anyway, having been out less than an hour, I decided to just go riding on the Metro. So I now have a few more photos to add to my website if I ever get it back up again.

I am still awed by the cross-vault at L'Enfant Plaza (Green/Yellow/Blue/Orange)

Pentagon, Lower Level

Crystal City (on Inbound Platform)

A Yellow Line train leaving National Airport for Downtown Washington. The National Cathedral is visible to the left of the train.

Eisenhower Avenue, looking toward Alexandria

I really like the Arch II design better than the traditional Waffle (note the ceiling difference between this photo and Pentagon/Crystal City Stations, above). This is Columbia Heights, looking northbound.

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