Thursday, September 13, 2007

You've Got Tan Lines WHERE?

Almost forgot, I'm putting up a link to a map of my bike trips so far this week (Sunday included). Anyway, all this biking has given me a good bit of sun, and believe it or not, I've gotten three new tan lines: One across each of my wrists (because I wear gloves when riding) and one across the top of my forehead (from my helmet). It'll be okay; as the tan fades a little, it won't be so obvious. I almost fell out of my chair when I noticed my wrists.

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  • The GREEN line is day 1 of my 50 States Ride (Monday). It starts at the green dot-thinggy, goes to the northeast, then loops back south, goes through Washington, and ends near the red dot-thinggy. [[22.48 MILES]]
  • The RED line is part one of day 2 of my 50 States Ride (Wednesday, noon-4:30). It starts at the red dot-thinggy and goes north, west, then south again. It ends at the blue dot-thinggy, where I had dinner. [[29.17 MILES]]
  • The BLUE line is part two of day 2 of my 50 States Ride (Wednesday, 5:30-7:00). It starts at the blue dot-thinggy and goes southeast down Conn. Ave to Mass. Ave, then across the Anacostia River. It ends near the Anacostia Naval Station. [[9.54 MILES]]
  • The ORANGE line is the ride I did this suday with other people from the DC area GT alumni association. It starts at the YELLOW dot-thinggy (because Google Maps doesn't have an orange one). [[27.28 MILES]]
  • The PURPLE line is not from this week. I did it last week, and it starts at the purple dot-thinggy. It goes east, then loops around East Potomac Park, then north to Columbia Heights. [[17.06 MILES]]
  • The RED BED at the upper right is my apartment. So now you know why I want to move to the District as soon as possible. I am far out into the 'burbs.
  • The GREEN SCHOOL, also in the upper right, is the University of Maryland.

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