Friday, July 18, 2008

Moving on Up to the D-C(ide)

After a year of living in the suburbs, I'm finally moving back to the city. I'm excited. Tomorrow, I move into a nice North Columbia Heights rowhouse with two of my fellow UM Planning students.

I grew up in a rural community in North Georgia, but I spent four years living in central city Atlanta. When I moved to Metropolitan Washington, I ended up in a nice Hyattsville apartment. And while the view is certainly nice, I just wasn't cut out for suburban living.

As a person who has liberated himself from the car culture, I found it much too difficult to get around out here in "the sticks." Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating--Hyattsville isn't really the sticks, but it's not exactly cosmopolitan either. And yes, they do roll up the sidewalks here--around 9 o'clock.

So I'm happy to be moving to the District. One of the things I missed most during my year of exile was (is?) biking. When I was living in Atlanta, I biked everywhere. Over the last year, I've only managed to take the steed out for weekends on the region's trails (and an exciting 50-States bike tour).

Another exciting aspect of my new pad is the access to the park. Rock Creek Park (actually a branch thereof) is just at the end of my street. As I've pointed out before, I think this park is one of Washington's greatest assets, although there is certainly room for improvement.

*Note: Due to the move, posting may be disrupted for some time. If the cable guy shows up as scheduled, I'll have internet on Tuesday. If not, your guess is as good as mine.


Matt' said...

Ok, so I used one of my "southernisms" in the post, and people are asking about it.

"Rolling up the sidewalks" typically refer to small towns where all of the businesses are closed by a certain time, therefore there is no need for sidewalks.

Now you know.

Dave Murphy said...

Congrats on the upgrade. I'm actually moving to Hyattsville (from Laurel) so that I can be somewhere a little more connected to the urban landscape. I guess you're a step ahead of me.