Friday, March 27, 2009

Bike Improvements: 9th Ave Cycle Track

Yesterday, I talked about my visit to the remade Madison Square. Also during my visit to New York, I took time to view the bicycle improvements along Ninth Avenue. These improvements have made biking along the major north-south artery safer by separating bikes from auto traffic. This project was another great improvement made by the NYC DOT under the leadership of Janette Sadik-Kahn

The Ninth Avenue Cycle Track runs from 31st Street southbound to 16th Street. Along the way, it is along the left curb of the street. It is divided from traffic by parked cars, bollards, and, at intersections, concrete islands. 

Cyclists are protected from left turns by protected left arrows at intersections. Cyclists have their own signals, which are synced with southbound through signals on Ninth Avenue. When left-turning traffic has a green arrow, cyclists are faced with a red "cycle" signal. 

Again, it seems that New York City is taking the lead in providing the street as public space for all users. Here in DC, the District Department of Transportation plans to implement a cycle track on Fifteenth Street NW. Under the reconfiguration proposal, 15th Street will be reconfigured between Massachusetts Avenue and Florida Avenue to include three northbound car lanes, one northbound bike lane (between the right-most northbound lane and the parking lane), a parking lane on each side of the street, and a southbound cycle track between the left-side parking lane and the western sidewalk. It will be separated from parked cars by a raised curb and will include north-facing signals for southbound cyclists.

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