Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Next American City

If you get a chance to read The Next American City's current issue (Spring 09), you might see something you recognize. They have an article on fantasy transit maps and one of the ones featured is a streetcar plan I created for the District of Columbia. My map appears on page 29.

For other potential "Transportation Futures", make sure to check out the maps I have made for the Washington/Baltimore and Atlanta regions. And don't worry, more are in the works. Feel free to comment on the maps, after all, I'd love to have your input. It might just make it into the next version.

Washington/Baltimore: Here
Atlanta: Here

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Chris L said...

Congratulations Matt! I will check out the issue next time I'm in the Architecture library. It's a great mag, but I'm not a subscriber myself as they want $29 a year for 4 issues.

Danny said...

Matt, you need to make the streetcar fantasy map on a Google map so it's more clear which streets they will be running on. That's my recommendation.