Friday, December 25, 2009

Four O'Clock Factoid: Canal Boats to Rapid Transit

Four O'Clock Factoid is a daily feature on Track Twenty-Nine helping to get you through the workday with a bit of useless knowledge.

Rochester, New York is home to an abandoned subway. Constructed in an abandoned segment of the Erie Canal, the line ran from 1927 until 1956. The route was grade separated for its entire length, but some interurban lines did connect from at-grade lines. In the downtown area, the canal was decked over with a new street, creating a subway. Trains ceased operating in 1956 when the eastern portion of the right-of-way was used to build an expressway.

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Mike said...

There's a great site about the Rochester Subway with history, maps, tokens, and all kinds of cool stories at ...if you've ever been to Rochester this is a very interesting story.