Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Peachtree Proliferation

Atlanta has long been known for a proliferation of Peachtrees. Stemming from the importance and prestige of the original Peachtree Street, many other roadways in Georgia’s capital and the surrounding counties include “Peachtree” in their name. In fact, in the 5 core counties, some 68 roadways carry the name.
Peachtree is found right in the heart of Atlanta. But even the main drag, Peachtree, manages to change names a few times. At its southern end, the street begins when Whitehall Street crosses Memorial Drive and becomes “Peachtree Street.” Peachtree travels north through Downtown and Midtown. This stretch passes some of Atlanta’s most famous landmarks, including the Fox Theatre, the Margaret Mitchell House, and many of the city’s tallest buildings.
Near Pershing Point, after about 3.5 miles, the roadway changes to “Peachtree Road.” It keeps that name for 8.5 miles, passing through Brookwood, Buckhead, and on into DeKalb County. Many of Atlanta’s posh estates and condos are found along or just off of this stretch. This part of the street also donated its name to an album made by one of its most famous residents: Elton John.
Just south of Chamblee, the road makes its final metamorphosis into Peachtree Industrial Boulevard. Peachtree Industrial runs for another 27 miles before finally exhausting the Peachtree moniker at the Hall County border, after having passed all the way across Gwinnett County.
Below is a listing of the Peachtrees by county. If it is not noted that a street continues into a different county, then any street with the same name in more than one county is a duplicate. The Peachtree Circle in Cobb County is a completely different street than the Peachtree Circle in Atlanta and the Peachtree Circle in Gwinnett County.

Of the five core counties in the Metro area, Cobb County has the fewest Peachtrees, with just three. Cobb’s Peachtree streets include:
  • Peachtree Circle
  • Standing Peachtree Court
  • Standing Peachtree Trail
Clayton has five:
  • Peachtree Drive
  • Peachtree Court
  • Peachtree Farms Road
  • Peachtree Lane
  • Peachtree Way
DeKalb County has 13 Peachtrees:
  • North Peachtree Court
  • North Peachtree Road
  • North Peachtree Way
  • New Peachtree Road
  • Peachtree Boulevard
  • Peachtree Industrial Boulevard - continues into Gwinnett County
  • Peachtree Industrial Court
  • Peachtree North Court
  • Peachtree Place Parkway
  • Peachtree Road - continues into the City of Atlanta
  • Peachtree Square
  • Peachtree View
  • South Peachtree Road
Other than Peachtree Dunwoody Road, which passes through both Atlanta and the non-Atlanta portion of the county, Fulton County outside of Atlanta has only three Peachtrees. They are:
  • Peachtree Dunwoody Circle
  • Peachtree Dunwoody Court
  • Peachtree Dunwoody Road - continues into the City of Atlanta
  • Peachtree Hollow Court
The city of Atlanta has 21 Peachtrees:
  • Peachtree Avenue
  • Peachtree Battle Avenue
  • Peachtree Battle Circle
  • Peachtree Battle Place
  • Peachtree Center Avenue
  • Peachtree Circle
  • Peachtree Drive
  • Peachtree Dunwoody Road - continues into Fulton County
  • Peachtree Hills Avenue
  • Peachtree Hills Circle
  • Peachtree Memorial Drive
  • Peachtree Park Drive
  • Peachtree Place
  • Peachtree Road - continues into DeKalb County
  • Peachtree Street
  • Peachtree Valley Road
  • Peachtree Walk
  • Peachtree Way
  • Spring West Peachtree Connector
  • West Peachtree Place
  • West Peachtree Street
Suburban Gwinnett County has the most Peachtrees of the five counties with 25:
  • North Peachtree Street
  • Old Peachtree Road
  • Peachtree Bluff Court
  • Peachtree Chase
  • Peachtree Circle
  • Peachtree Corners Circle
  • Peachtree Corners East
  • Peachtree Crest Drive
  • Peachtree Forest Avenue
  • Peachtree Forest Drive
  • Peachtree Forest Terrace
  • Peachtree Industrial Boulevard - continues into DeKalb County
  • Peachtree Lakes Drive
  • Peachtree Parc Court
  • Peachtree Parc Lane
  • Peachtree Parkway
  • Peachtree Place
  • Peachtree Road
  • Peachtree Ridge Court
  • Peachtree Ridge Drive
  • Peachtree Street
  • Peachtree Walk
  • South Old Peachtree Road
  • South Peachtree Street
  • West Peachtree Street

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Michael Kelly said...

I'm glad someone quantified it for me, given that I've made fun of this situation for so long. However, as a resident of the city of Chamblee, I'd like to point out that within our city limits, the main drag is referred to as Peachtree Boulevard rather than Peachtree Industrial Boulevard. I don't know for sure where the changeovers occur, and I don't actually have a good source to back it up, but my understanding is that the Chamblee City Council made this change in the recent past to make the city sound less industrial, rather than misrepresent the decidedly commercial area.