Sunday, August 16, 2009

Major Metro Service Disruptions Through August

I've been backed up with work lately, so I apologize in my tardiness with this post.

There are two major track work projects ongoing throughout August. One is the rehabilitation of the Blue and Yellow Lines between Pentagon City and National Airport. This project will cause major service disruptions every evening Sunday through Thursday after 10PM. Normal service will be in place on Friday and Saturdays. Track circuit replacement on the Red Line will cause single-tracking between Brookland and Takoma.

Blue Line
After 10PM, Blue Line trains will operate in two segments: between Franconia-Springfield and King Street and between Rosslyn and Largo. There will be no Blue Line service between King Street and Rosslyn. Arlington Cemetery Station will be closed at 10PM, as normal for summer. Shuttle buses will provide service between Rosslyn and Pentagon.

Yellow Line
Trains on the Yellow Line will operate only every 36 minutes between Huntington and Fort Totten.

Red Line
Due to replacement of the track circuit involved in the June 22 crash, Red Line trains will share the same track between Takoma and Brookland after 10PM every day of the week throughout August. Additionally on the weekends of August 14-16 and August 21-23, there will be NO RAIL SERVICE between Takoma and Brookland on the Red Line. Shuttle bus service will connect riders between Brookland, Fort Totten, and Takoma. Green and Yellow Line services at Fort Totten are unaffected.

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Erik said...

The delays from Takoma to Fort Totten can be way more than 30 minutes. The shuttle bus waits until its completely packed before it departs, so that may be several train loads. Metro is using the new long bendy buses, which hold a lot of people. I waited 20 minutes just for the shuttle bus to leave.