Thursday, November 5, 2009

Four O'Clock Factoid: 1916 Inspiration

Four O'Clock Factoid is a new daily feature on Track Twenty-Nine helping to get you through the workday with a bit of useless knowledge.

New York's Hell Gate Bridge carries Amtrak's Northeast Corridor high above the East River. The 1,017 foot span served as the inspiration for Sydney's Harbor Bridge and carried four tracks when opened in 1916. Soaring high over Astoria, the bridge's approaches give passengers headed north of Penn Station breathtaking views of Manhattan's skyline and the Triborough Bridge. It was completed in just two and a half years at a cost of $20 million (approximately $390 million in 2008 dollars).


Matt Fisher said...

And there is rail on the Harbour Bridge (I'm using the correct spelling because in Australia, they use the British spelling of "harbour"). There used to be trams until 1958 leading into a train station through... a tunnel! The trams were, however, ripped out by a road lobby and replaced with... more space for cars. But rail still remains on the bridge.

Pete Witte said...

Matt the Cat:

I like the new daily feature! Keep 'er up.