Thursday, November 19, 2009

Four O'Clock Factoid: Silver Streak

Four O'Clock Factoid is a daily feature on Track Twenty-Nine helping to get you through the workday with a bit of useless knowledge.

The wreck of the Federal Express, occurring on January 15, 1953 served as the inspiration for the 1976 movie Silver Streak. That day, the southbound Federal Express overshot the end of Track 16 at Washington's Union Station, crashed through the station master's office, and collapsed into the baggage room below the concourse (today's food court). The accident was caused when a design flaw on a New Haven Railroad car in the train's consist cut braking power to all cars except the locomotive.


Matt Fisher said...

Another bit of trivia was that the movie Silver Streak, which starred Richard Pryor, was actually filmed (partly) in Canada. :)

kenf said...

And because this was just before a presidential inauguration (Eisenhower I) the Penn. RR left the locomotive in the baggage room until after the festivities were over and put in a temp. floor. The locomotive, a GG1 had to be cut in half to remove it. It was repaired and placed back in service. After retirement it was at the B&O Museum for a while, and then traded to another museum that specialized in electric equipment.