Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Four O'Clock Factoid: Always Underground

Four O'Clock Factoid is a new daily feature on Track Twenty-Nine helping to get you through the workday with a bit of useless knowledge.

The rubber-tired Montreal Metro is one of only a few subway systems to be entirely underground. Because the rubber tires can't cope with large amounts of snowfall, Montreal's climate restricts lines to subterranean tunnels.

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Matt Fisher said...

I've been on the Metro in winter, notably by train. I did this in the past two winters during the "reading week" at my university, Carleton University.

(One another thing: I am dependent on a bus for most of my trips, but I sometimes go on the O-Train. The reason is that I don't have a valid Ontario drivers' licence; I still say I want to get one, however, but not to drive like I'd take it for granted.)